The War Star by Brackish
Brackish Bow Ties

The War Star by Brackish

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The Story | A part of our spring 2021 collection, War Star is named after the quarter race horse - War Star, who took 5th place in the 1917 Kentucky Derby. When drawing inspiration for this collection, co-founder Ben Ross was inspired by spring and summer events in which we gather and celebrate together - particularly horse races. Each style in this collection is named after a race horse whose name isn’t well known in hopes that their legacy will live on. War Star, in particular, got its name from its ability to outrace other horses by a quarter of a mile.
Product Details |  The War Star is crafted with partridge, pheasant, and quail feathers. 
    • No dyes are used, giving each tie a unique coloring.
    • Wrap around adjustable hook fits sizes 11" to 20”.
    • Bow dimensions are 2.5” tall by 4.5” wide.
    • Feathers are all-natural and sustainably sourced.